13 MAR – 3 JUL

Welcome to “Space Dream”, an exhibition that invites you to explore the vast, infinite universe, and the concept of space as a void, an empty area, and more.


Featuring ten artworks by Artbox community creators, this exhibition offers a unique perspective on the theme, inspiring you to discover the infinite meanings of space. The exhibition has various mediums, including video displays, interactive installations, and immersive experiences.


Each piece of artwork invites you to lose yourself in wonder, from the colors of a Black Hole to the spiral patterns of light traveling between Andromeda and the Milky Way. If you like direct engagement with an artwork, the Interactive Existence piece offers an immersive experience that challenges our notions of space and its existence. And for those who want to marvel at our cosmic neighbors again and again, Boundaries of the Galaxy provides an exciting journey through our solar system.


  • Black Hole
  • Space Diving
  • Floating Astronaut
  • Boundaries of the Galaxy
  • Towards to Nebula
  • AI’s Cosmic Dream